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A big Friary Care Thank You

A big Friary Care Thank You

Thank you to our suppliers

The team at Friary Care want to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped us out!

In this time of social isolation, we want to appreciate everyone that has supported Friary Care. That means everyone inside the home, but it also means everyone outside too.

We want to thank all of the doctors, nurses, and health care professionals that have supported us and continued to provide the normal medical care that we generally need.

To our local suppliers, Nigel and Debbie at Howell’s Butchers for continuing to supply us fresh meat, Fresh and Fruity for our fresh fruit and vegetables, the Dorset Cake Company for our fresh bread, for our newspaper delivery from Scott’s Newsagents, for all our mail from the royal mail carriers, to CLH for keeping us stocked with care supplies, to Automeds for delivery of all our needed medicines, and to all of the staff at all of our local supermarkets that have kept our residents well fed.

A big big thank you from all of us at Friary Care. It’s amazing to know that our Dorset community can come together in times of hardship.