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Maintaining fitness and wellbeing for the elderly during Covid-19

Maintaining fitness and wellbeing for the elderly during Covid-19

Despite the lockdown restrictions starting to be gradually lifted, many people are still looking after older and vulnerable people and self-isolating from family and friends. The team at Friary Care are always looking at ways to make sure our residents stay fit and well by encouraging them to eat healthily and do some form of physical or mental activity every day.

In this blog post we highlight some of the ways to maintain fitness and wellbeing for the elderly, whilst helping to reduce the risk of social isolation and loneliness.

Good food and good nutrition

It’s important that your loved ones and older people in the community are eating nutritious meals which they really enjoy. We are lucky at Friary Care to be supported by a fantastic group of local suppliers that keep us going with lots of fresh meat and veg and other local produce.

We take time to plan our menus and ensure everyone is getting the right nutritional intake. Creating a meal plan for your loved one is a great way of providing a focus on preparing and cooking their favourite meal throughout the week.

Keeping in regular contact

Loneliness and mental wellbeing have become a bigger concern than ever before for a lot of people during lockdown – not just the elderly. Any form of regular contact has become a lifesaver for many people living on their own or in self-isolation.

A scheduled call from you can give friends and relatives the reassurance that their loved ones are being looked after. It also gives an opportunity to check for any early concerns in changes in health and mobility.

The way people have used technology to stay in touch during lockdown has been one of those good news stories. Video calls via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype have become a weekly ritual for many families.

Encouraging your loved ones to embrace technology just that little bit more than just receiving a phone call or sending an email can help to alleviate that feeling of loneliness and isolation.

Don’t forget those traditional activities

We’ve celebrated a number of events during lockdown like Ladies Day, Easter Sunday, and VE Day, and completed a lot of craft sessions, jigsaw puzzles and sudoku with our residents over the past few weeks – so we know how important it is to do plenty of activities to to keep the mind active. A simple game of cards over a cup of tea can quickly boosts your mood.

Letter writing these days is deemed old fashioned by many, but we all love them, when we receive them. At Friary Care we encourage all our resident’s family and friends to write a letter or continue to send gifts via the post – it is a lovely surprise to receive them.

Staying active

Staying physically active during lockdown and self-isolation is particularly important in order to maintain some level of normal fitness and mobility. In a similar way to having a food plan for your loved one; having an exercise plan in place is a simple way to help stay active.

Our carers encourage an exercise plan, with a list of simple things that our residents can do every day. The NHS have a great online resource with some sitting and strength exercises, that can be built into an exercise routine that you can try:-

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