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Residential Care

Residential Care

Friary Care owns two care homes in Weymouth, the owner, Peter Fry has been involved with both homes for fourteen years and is not only very experienced, but is also a highly trained professional in this sector and works every day with the residents and staff at both homes to provide individually tailored care for everyone living there, to ensure that everyone who makes their home with us enjoys their life to the full and can call on the staff day and night to meet their needs.

Friary Care makes the care and comfort of all those whose live with us, the highest priority. We appreciate that living in a care home is not the same as having your own home, so we make it our responsibility to meet all your personal requirements in such a way as to ensure you are relaxed and happy. Everyone is an individual at Friary Care, we will ensure that you feel safe, comfortable and well cared for.

The care we offer is led by those who live with us, we continuously seek everyone’s views, hold resident’s meetings and collect responses to our questionnaires, so that we can continue to improve. We are open to both positive and negative feedback, and operate a no-blame culture, as we know mistakes are an inevitable part of life, the key is to learn from them.

We plan your meals with you and ensure that your room is homely and comfortable, we can arrange for you to go shopping if you wish, go out for coffee, visit the cinema, and organise trips further afield if you wish. We have regular entertainment laid on in the home that you can attend.

Moving into care is a decision that has different sensitivities for relatives as opposed to the person moving into care. Relatives may have reached a decision that they are no longer able to cope, whereas the person moving into care will anticipate the magnitude of change, we have a lot of experience in these areas, please share your worries so that we can help, please call Peter Fry 01305 78 78 11.